Rediscovering Vinland

Author Fred N. Brown III Finds Evidence of Ancient Viking Presence in Southern New England:  here proven by genetics and carbon dating; saga descriptions matching Narragansett, R.I. in ALL respects ...




1000 years ago the Pettiquamscutt river complex abruptly changed! People began living along the lakes and river.

Pettiquamscutt river is on the west side of Narragansett bay in Rhode Island/Massachusetts. Coincidently, this is the time Vikings had found and explored the "New Lands to the west" of grapes, forests,wheat, beechnuts and new people, and called it Vinland, bringing their cattle with them, among other things.

Living with cattle over many generations, gave Vikings a resistance immunity to tuberculosis mycobacterium which comes from cattle. Human skeletons were found at this site displaying this resistance immunity and dating to this time period. No cattle existed in America/Canada until this time. Only a few other people in America/Canada displayed this acquired immunity. Could these and the Narragansett indians be descendant of Viking?

The differing translations of the wondrous Viking sagas, written 200-300 years after the events they speak of, and the translations that came even later, are a convoluted, prejudiced, embellished, contradictive mish-mash translation of a near forgotten language and belief system. However, amongst the mess are clues. These clues point to events that could only be known by the experience of them.

What if a Viking found a leg bone of a Brontosaurus or a jaw bone of a

Tyrannosaurus Rex? What could they have surmised at the time? Some huge creature was real. How could they know it was a million years dead? Big creatures eat little creatures. Since none of these creatures have been found alive, "they must live in the lands and oceans yet to be explored. Watch out!". What would you think? Perhaps this is why monsters are depicted on ancient maps... As a warning to beware.

Translators have their beliefs, also. Maybe 300 years later they wouldn't believe in monsters, so they might change the meaning to something that fit their beliefs and knowledge of the world.

If we could trace backward from the person who put the monster on the map to where he got the idea from and from that person and so on, back to the original person that began by saying "Hey guys! I saw a leg bone as big as my house over by where I pick berries!", one might ascertain the area that the "bone" was and find it... or the rest of the creature.

This is the pursuit of Vinland. So 'n so says so 'n so said so 'n so said that Leif said such ,'n such... Maybe.

After 35 years of research, Fred N. Brown III just may have found "the bone" called Leifsbudir in Vinland.

And even if not in fact Leifsbudir is proven beyond a shadow of a dought, evidence of Viking presence is.



Our Mission: to present the facts, the evidence, the argument that Vikings settled the Narragansett Bay area in  southern New England for years, almost five centuries before Columbus  ---

---- and to give these hardy Norse pioneering seamen their deserving place in American History !

Voyage of Wave Cleaver, inc.  Fred N Brown III


Our published book   "Rediscovering Vinland, Evidence of Ancient Viking Presence in America"   is now available world-wide in both paperback and e-book format


Dawn in New England.  A new day in American History

Daybreak at Winter Solstice at Narragansett, RI    8:00AM (Dagmalastad,"day-meal-time") to a Viking.     


Vinland Rediscovered


One thousand years ago Leif Ericson and followers voyaged to Vinland, built houses, interacted with natives, explored, battled and returned to their homes in Greenland and Iceland with treasures.

The lands described in Nordic sagas match Narragansett in Southern New England. The time matches according to carbon-14 dating. Genetics matches according to skeletal remains.

Coincidence becomes circumstantial evidence, myth becomes probable.


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Sailor, call on all your nerve

energy and muscle - all your verve.

In dissipating wake track fine a hero's epic.

 "All sail !"  cries loud a pilot oceanic,

"mere puddle mighty, wild and wide Atlantic !" 

 FN Brown III     2007


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------ Recent archeological discoveries have brought new evidence to our program this website and our entire program is in process of extensive remodeling.


 Our published book "Rediscovering Vinland, Evidence of Ancient Viking Presence in America"    is now available world-wide in both paperback and e-book formats.

With the advantage of permanent and handy reference, the book is written for general interest. 



A paper describing our specific scientific findings is in process of publication and is now the thrust of our future activities and soon to be available in our <     Bookstore    >



Thank you for your interest and we invite you to return as this new website evolves.


*RI1000 is an archeological site in Rhode Island


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