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"Rediscovering Vinland, Evidence of Ancient Viking Presence in America"   


What are we all about ?

Vinland; the magic name that had intrigued Europe well before 1492. Vinland, the place that exists in the mists of time, backgrounds of history and has been sought by many over centuries.

Proposals for its location have been forwarded to where bookshelves have been overburdened with an abundance that, however, seldom seems to fill the bill to satisfy those who examine the facts.

Historians generally conclude that mention of grapes and vines in the Vinland Sagas preserved in Iceland means that Leif Erickson must have landed in a place where the climate allows growth of the fruit that is so valued in revels and church ceremonies. Recent discovery of butternut hulls in the accepted Viking site in Northern Newfoundland confirm that these nuts also indicate a far Southern destination. Our interest in sunrise at "dagmalastad" at the winter solstice contributes confirmation that "Leifsbydir" (his encampment) must have been at a latitude somewhat south of Maine.

Can we find a site somewhere in southern New England that compares in all respects with descriptions that can be found in Icelandic scripts? Yes.

It is the purpose of this website to declare that there is, indeed one to be found and that traces of an incursion can be detected at that site. It is located near the entry to Narrgansett Bay in the State of Rhode Island.

In the forty years of investigation of the Vinland narratives and a viable site, close correlations to "Leifsbydir" descriptions can now also be corresponded with scientific findings and a vision of what Vinland must have looked like a thousand years ago.

If you still have the wonder and curiosity that you had in plenty when you were young and the world was new, this program will refresh your interest..

Envision the actual commencement of deep sea sailing by the very first of seamen anywhere who dared days and weeks at sea without sight of land.

See in historic accuracy the peoples of the Northlands who were centuries past the period when they were barbaric thugs that come to mind at the word "Vikings".

Share in their adventure as they coursed the American Atlantic coastline for the first time, as had their forebears the European side of that turbulent ocean.

Thrill at their descriptions of their environs and many landfalls in their courses to it.

View them in their labors as they built the first settlement of Caucasians on the North American continent.

Contemplate with wonder their adventures and misadventures so far from their homes in Greenland and Iceland with skeptical natives who they befriended, bartered and battled with and who, we find and here advance, married and fathered to a new culture.

Consider, and argue if you wish, that the discovery of a genetic legacies in certain native descendents removes doubts that European Northmen had been here.

Link to the next page that represents the declaration of our discovery, a declaration made public on the internet over 12 years ago and that, so far, has elicited no published rebuttal.

This website is sponsored by an Arizona Educational Corporation, "Voyage of Wave Cleaver, Inc". Founder, Director and discoverer of the site is Frederick N. Brown, New England born, Toolmaker, seaman and explorer. He has pursued proof of these contentions for over forty, realization that the site may have been valid occurred in 1978 and the search for proof since that time.

Lead photo: "dagmalastad" at Narragansett, Rhode Island a few days past the shortest day of the year. The Old Norse word also means "day-meal-place". How did vikings know the time in those days way before clocks were invented? 

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