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  Vinland      Rediscovered

Evidence of Ancient Viking Presence in America

 ---- at Narragansett Bay, 

Rhode Island.

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A Viking "knorrer" off Narragansett

From this seaman's aspect: AD 1006.

New findings, new material, new insights !  Discovery in 1963 of valid artifacts at the site of L’Anse aux Meadows on Newfoundland in Canada wrought firmly into historical record the earliest recorded discovery of America by Greenlandic and Icelandic Scandinavian navigators near the year AD1000. It had since been thought that this Canadian site must have been the one landed by world renowned Leifur Eiricksson. However, over the years, more recent archeological discoveries at that site indicate that Eiricksson's legendary Vinland must have been further south, somewhere in lands where days were longer and both grapevines and butternut plants thrived. The premise of this work, this website, and this new book holds that the true and actual site has been discovered in an area meeting those conditions. Moreover, the premise offers for your consideration a proof in science - a science perhaps even stronger than material artifacts. Artifacts, no matter how evidence may appear certain, can always be argued, but genetics, with its newfound mathematical precision, is near certain.




A Viking Longship near the same spot off Narragansett

Replica longship "Gaia"

From a landsman's aspect at the time of the popular "Vinland Revisited" program,1991




Northseamen effecting a landing in Normandy, 

precisely as in Vinland, 66 years before. From Bayeaux Tapestry. Beaching a ship of this size is far more than a process of simply driving ashore; it is more science and skill than the landsman might imagine. Note sail "luffing", anchor man, lookout, oarsmen "backwatering,", sounding" pole" or, perhaps, a weighted line. The designer of this famous tapestry must have been intimately familiar with day to day seamanship and quite possibly an eyewitness to this event on the coast of France.



Seekers of history, truth, and mystery of humankind have been enlightened by our book, rewritten, smoothed, and edited by Diane Holloway, Ph.D. 

The new book, "Rediscovering Vinland, Evidence of Ancient Viking Presence in America"    and this program presents :

The Vinland Sagas in a chronological, narrative form, (removed from the website). This structured mode, seldom or never attempted before, has been in the public domain for over 20 years with no refutations so far offered. It has been accepted as reasonably valid in the National Library of Iceland. It is a dramatic and enthralling sea story – now far removed from "myth" - but found essentially true.

New insights from this narrative enable finer delineation not only landfalls and environs of “greater” Vinland and its coastline and landfalls, it adds further prospects and descriptions of Leifur Eiricksson’s landing site itself (“Leifsbudir”). See: <    The Sagas  >

A narrowly circumscribed geographic site has been discovered and matched to Saga descriptions with numerous positive analogies. Another page (Viking Landfalls) enables the reader to access this terrain through Google Earth®. Now see it for yourself in a way that has heretofore been impossible! In the same manner you can trace landfalls of the coastline as well as numerous New England Artifacts discovered from colonial times.

Found in early colonial literature is that this area of recent discovery has actually been thought to be the target site by educated early European settlers. Quantitatively, well over half of all numerous Vinland researches have located Leifsbudir in New England, many along the southern New England coastline, several within a few miles of this proposed discovery in Rhode Island, and two actually theorize a Viking visit or even settlement there. Dr, Helge Ingstad himself, ultimate discoverer of the site at L’Anse aux Meadows, commenced his search within seven miles of this one currently under research.

Archeological survey of the watercourse actually declares an incursion, said to be by “---an advanced culture” to the site, and establishes by scientific methods its date, “---about a thousand years ago”, precisely the period that the Vinland adventure occurred.

Decades of search for a “proof” have succeeded in discoveries within unrelated but reputable scholastic papers. Read the result below -- a premise describing a genetic factor within the aboriginal human population – something even more astounding yet more positive a proof than any material artifact.

This determinant is far from an unlikely or unusual cultural factor by either of the two contributing “races”.  It is difficult to rationally overturn prior established opinion that Vinland Vikings had been driven away and Vinland entirely abandoned, yet, Genetics is now one of the “hardest” of sciences and its truths essentially incontrovertible.

"Rediscovering Vinland, Evidence of Ancient Viking Presence in America"    also advances research into the native Narragansett Indian culture and finds in their mores, language, and culture - just as the original settlers of Rhode Island had - numerous indications that their parentage had originated in icy Northlands. Roger Williams, prominent settler and founder of the city of Providence in Rhode Island, was an educated Englishman, from youth familiar with the halls of England’s Parliament, graduate of Cambridge University, friend and champion of the Narragansett Indians who had saved his life and granted his colony to him, in 1643 published thus: Wise and Judicious men, with whom I have discoursed, maintaine their Originall to be from the Northward -------- to draw their line from Iceland, because ------ etc.  This remarkable  statement is dated a mere 23 years from the the Pilgrim landing at Plymouth Rock. Might not this quotation – alone - stimulate your interest in the area for discovery ?


 Plain talk on the genetic theme. For a more readable discourse on the matter,  an essay of explanation pertaining to immunology evolution -- without using the word "evolution." It includes even more Bibliography.

  Visiting Vinland landfalls from outer space. An exercise with Google Earth® which replaces map pages and two others. Download Google Earth free from web and follow the Vinland Voyagers along the coast to their destination. Locate landings within meters. The exercise coordinates Saga descriptions with real places and you can observe these yourself through modern space photography.  This  ---  is adventure !!

Viking Artifacts around and about New England:  Google Earth® comparisons, as above. Over the centuries, residents in New England have discovered numerous artifacts that have led to speculations that Vinland had been somewhere in the area. Here are those I have discovered in the legends of colonial America

The Sagas

The Book

"Rediscovering Vinland, Evidence of Ancient Viking Presence in America", by Fred N. Brown III

Advancemnts in research and supporting material make this book a more interesting read and reference for the historian. It is particularly improved with more specific local historical anomalies in close support of the theme of this program.

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"Pilot" Frederick N. Brown at a presentation of the rare and generally overlooked "Norroena" set of 1906 by Dr. Rasmus B. Anderson, linguist and former Ambassador from the United States to Denmark. Wide ranging, in 15 volumes, it covers much N. European folklore and legend. Vol. 15 is invaluable for Vinland material inclusive of Vatican archives and verbatim translation of "Flateybok", a major Icelandic Saga.

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