"Rediscovering Vinland, Evidence of Ancient Viking Presence in America"   

A paper (soon to be available here) describing our specific scientific findings is in process of publication and is now the thrust of our future activities. 


Titles:     1."Rediscovering Vinland, Evidence of Ancient Viking Presence in America"    by Fred N. Brown III    ( see below...)

              2. "Relating Geography and Four Cultures to Genetic Attributes"                           by Fred N. Brown III                  ( by email request only   < >)

                       3. new science paper coming soon.



 Our published book "Rediscovering Vinland, Evidence of Ancient Viking Presence in America"   is now available world-wide in both paperback and e-book formats.


 Contents of the Book:

Part I:   Vikings.

  We look deeply at a people viewed universally as primitive barbarians.  We find, instead, a peaceable and stable culture of farmers, fishermen, and seamen.  Advanced for their day, they bequeathed to the Western world a refined sense of law and formed the first and longest lasting of democratic governments.

Part II:  The Vinland Sagas.

The Vinland Sagas entire and, so far as we know, exclusive. "You can't enjoy the game without a program."  This narrative is the basis of our program.

Part III: The Vinland Sagas as a Guide.

  An elusive "target", aimed for by many over the centuries.  A "voyage" that commenced as a lark but developed into a serious endeavor.

Part IV: Observations of Narragansett Amerinds by Early Visitors to America.

  We consider the idea that perhaps Vikings influenced native aborigines during their supposed "brief" settlement, a miracle of locating two perfect resources - intelligent and educated, precise men with no ax to grind.

Part V: Narragansett Differences:

  We detail previously unexamined  recordings of these people and find them unique among other American Indian Tribes. We introduce recent archeological evidence that this uniqueness has its roots in an archaic incursion with dating incidental with that of the Vinland Voyages.

Part VI:  Narragansett Genetics Show European Ancestry: 

 A detailed discussion of the genetic factor, how and why this shows that Narragansetts and Vikings were at one time intimate.

Part VII:  Additional Clues to Narragansett Descent from Vikings: 

 Suspicion of a single, seemingly isolated, factor leads us to consider possible alternative indications of disease immunity.

Part VIII:  Refugio:

  In which we delve into local colonial history for additional information. We find much of incidental interest, some of which is in support of our theme. 
We compare the landings to those of certain "Yankee" arrivals. We find them closely comparable and we end with commentary concerning two who are certainly the most perfect resources available to scholars of this subject.

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